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Silat Fighter in the Octagon (MMA)

Silat developed in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore (and surrounding countries). Silat fighters train not only empty hand but also with and against weapons. For more information...

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Face à face - PENCHAK SILAT

FACE A FACE PENCHAK SILAT avec Franck Ropers. Diffusé sur KOMBAT SPORT Réalisé par New Wave Prod.

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Melanesia more than people in the world more of them as muslim(islam) Indonesia more 400.000.000 people 90 % as Muslim(islam).Start South Africa, south east Asia, Thailand, burma ...

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penchak silat

cours de sébastien véroult à Neuilly sur seine, St Mandé, et st denis.

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Open Belgium Pencak Silat Championship 2013

Open Belgium Championship 2013 Pencak Silat Schoten, 3rd - 5th May 2013 Indonesische Kampfkunst, Kampfsport, Selbstverteidigung und Gesundheitstraining SiGePi Institut: Rheinstr. 45, 12161...

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27th SEA GAMES MYANMAR 2013 - Pecak Silat 13/12/13

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

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Human Weapon Silat


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Reportage sur le Penchak Silat sur Bein Sports

Sébastien Véroult a été interviewé par le Champion du Monde de ju-jitsu combat, consultant sportif et chroniqueur, Vincent Parisi. Ce dernier a fait venir le chanteur québécois Gage...

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Une démonstration de Penchak Silat par Franck Ropers

Une démonstration réalisée par des professeur de l'académie Franck Ropers Venez participer à un cours d'essai gratuit http://www.academiefranckropers.com/ Apprenez à vous défendre...

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all about silat techniques on Human Weapon.

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Indonesia Ganda @ Silat world championships 2010


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Один из методов контратак, в Панантукан.

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1st Asian Pencak Silat Championship

The inaugural Asian Pencak Silat Championship was held recently in Singapore with over 7 countries participating in the region. Vietnam wins the overall 1st Asian Pencak Silat Championship...

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Silat Open Circle : "Basic Kucing (Cat) Kicks & Technques" Burnt Oak Class, London

http://www.silatopencircle.com : "Basic Kucing (Cat) Kicks & Techniques" In this clip Alvin Guinanao, Chief Instructor of Silat Open Circle - Presents "Basic Kucing (Cat) Kicks & Technques"....

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27th SEA GAMES MYANMAR 2013 - Pencak Silat S1 10/12/2013

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

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Pencak Silat 2012 World Tournament - Circle of Champions (Full Version)

A. Malik Ahmad from the USA was invited to the 2012 World Pencak Silat tournament in Chiang Rai, Thailand. This video documentary details the journey and great athletes who championed the event.

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franck ropers academie 2008 penchak silat commando n°2

méthode appliqué de penchak silat, pratiqué par les COMMANDOS INDONÉSIENS réputés pour leur efficacité en corps a corps. Basé sur un apprentissage progressif et structuré, adapté...

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15th World Pencak Silat Championship 2012 - World Championship Match

15th World Pencak Silat Championship 2012 - World Championship Match.

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SILAT BUKA LINGKARAN : Chicago Seminar Feb 2015

http://www.silatopencircle.com : "Chicago Seminar Feb 2015" Here's a glimpse from the 3 day seminar organised by Joe Goytia held at his academy Goytias Martial Arts acdemy. An edited version...

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SILAT OPEN CIRCLE : "SBL At The Martial Arts Show 2012" Birmingham

http://www.silatopencircle.com : "SBL At The Martial Arts Show" In this clip Alvin Guinanao, Chief Instructor of Silat Open Circle - Presents "SBL At The Martial Arts Show 2012". Recorded...

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SILAT OPEN CIRCLE : "Knife & Kerambit" Seminar, London 08/09/13

http://www.silatopencircle.com : "Knife & Kerambit" In this clip Alvin Guinanao, Chief Instructor of Silat Open Circle - Presents "Knife & Kerambit Seminar". Recorded live in London at the...

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Pencak Silat - Indonesia VS Malaysia - Belgium Open 2013 - Highlights

Highlights of Indonesia VS Malaysia - Belgium Open 2013. Class A (45-50kg). (Indonesia Blue Belt, Malaysia Red belt)

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Advanced Combat Silat


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Silat Suffian Bela Diri - Short Staff (Buluh Runcing / Sibat / Spear)

http://www.silatsuffian.net & http://www.dragonarnis.co.uk facebook : Silat Suffian Worldwide. Visit us on the link for more information. STAFF SEMINAR IN NAILSEA, SOMERSET, UK. BASED ON...

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SEA Games 26 - Clip Pencak Silat Indonesia vs. Thailand Full

The video above is about the final pencak-silat match between Thailand and Indonesia in SEA Games 2011 held in Palembang, Indonesia. The Indonesian who wore blue strap is trying to claim the...

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Festival Pencak Silat Jawa Barat 2014

2014 West Java Pencak Silat Festival was held on Kiara Payung Camping Ground, Sumedang - Indonesia. One of the main purpose of this festival is to create national record of the most largest...

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PENCAK SILAT - Jungle warrior

PENCAK SILAT JUNGLE WARRIOR By Syofyan Nadar Sunua Bayang style Syofyan Nadar, a master of the Pencak Silat Indonesian Federation shows you in this DVD a wide range of formidable ...

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Jak Othman 'Return of a Legend Silat & Kerambit Seminars' UK & Ireland

Jak Othman 'Return of a Legend Silat & Kerambit Seminars' United Kingdom & Ireland 7th -31st March 2015 Promo HARIMAU BERANTAI PENCAK SILAT INTERNATIONAL Website ...

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Pencak Silat 2015 World Championship starts in Phuket

The 16th World Pencak Silat Championship kicked off in Phuket this past weekend with an opening ceremony at the Saphan Hin Indoor Stadium, where the week-long tournament will be taking place....

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Kuda Renggong Kuda Silat Kuda Sumedang

Kuda Silat is a horse attractions, one of the attractions in the art of variation In Horses that is usually the most eagerly awaited in the entry for the art of the horse In. The horse in art...

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Pentjak Silat - Rick Tucci

Rick Tucci, Martial Artist & Master Teacher demos various sweeps and throws from Pentjak Silat.

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